Product Description

We are taking the grub shape to a different level. Garlic and Hemp is one of the best baits for all fish. The only problem is, how do you hook hemp? Here’s a solution! 

Shilhams have developed a way of using hemp protein & hemp oil to make a black & white bait to use alongside natural hemp, with Garlic essential oil added to this bait also, this is a sure fish catcher.

This combination has been field-tested over the last couple of seasons and has proved to be a guarantee banker rod in the margins.

This grub bait is also available in pop ups and our new micro baits in 4mm x 6mm or 6mm x 8mm. As an added extra, why not mix things up by adding an extra garlic or chilli flavour to this bait?

This grub measures 8mm x 24mm.

These come in 250ml pots or 700g bags and 5kg bags.