Product Description

These are our Geranium Pop-Ups. Essential oils are a pure product, which are very powerful with in fishing but very underestimated. Geranium Oil is one of these.  This Flavour works very well even in Bottom Baits. Carp love the smell very much. In the early 80s I fished Geranium oil in a bird mix bait with a team of lads in a gravel pit, Nearly all the fish for the whole season come out with this combination!

This product contains Essential Geranium Oil with Intense Sweeteners and Attractors.

The following are available in Ultra Buoyant in White, Fluoro Pink and Fluoro Red:-

8mm containing 75 Pop-Ups

10mm containing 45 Pop-Ups

12mm containing 35 Pop-Ups

14mm containing 45 Pop-Ups