Product Description

These are Shilhams very own super selling Pop-Ups. Coconut Supercell has caught many fish for some of the top anglers, especially when fished over other Coconut Boilies. Shilhams Coconut Supercell are normally hidden away in a secret pocket for most anglers as a craft catcher. Our Coconut Supercell is more buoyant and stays buoyant for longer that other leading brands.

This product contains a blend of Coconut and Vanilla with Intense Sweeteners and Attractors.

The following are available in Ultra Buoyant in White or Light Brown:-

6mm x 8mm Nuggets containing 180 Pop-Ups

8mm containing 75 Pop-Ups

10mm containing 45 Pop-Ups

12mm containing 35 Pop-Ups

14mm containing 45 pop-Ups

The following are available in standard buoyancy:-

15mm containing 35 Pop-Ups