Product Description

These are our new micro boilies, they are the smallest any one can buy. Available in two sizes, 4mm x 6mm or 6mm x 8mm. They are all made with the finest ingredients and are a great nutritional food for any fish, with the best fish catching attractors and are all hand rolled.  All of our range are proven fish catcher combinations. They are ideal for match fishing and for catching small or large carp. They can be attached on a pellet band , bayonet or hair rig.

Berry and Cream flavoured boilies are half dark red colour which contain a combination of cranberry and strawberry, with an addition of fruit sugars, and on the cream side we have the addition extra of milk proteins.

I can do these in bigger quantities. For the 4mm x 6mm, 2.5kg bags are £70.00 and 5kg bags are £125.00. For the 6mm x 8mm, 2.5kg bags are £55.00 and for the 5kg bags are £99.00. Please contact 01283 341304 for further details.